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Task Commander Screenshot

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Task Commander Product Information

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Task Commander Overview:

Modern operating systems offer lots of neat interface features to make our lives easier. However, the ever-increasing number of various programs we use on daily basis makes the task of managing open windows, running programs and processes way too complicated and time-consuming upon reaching some critical margin.As our taskbars get overloaded with buttons and panels, our Quick Launch panels stretch to galactic sizes, we tend to get completely lost in windows, buttons, sidebars and other controls, designed initially to provide better accessibility. No wonder this happens more memory, more processing power, better multitasking and voila: dozens of open windows clutter our desktops! So, is there a solution?In fact, there is! Introducing Task Commander by Resort Labs, the unique Windows task management and application launchermaintenance solution capable of freeing up valuable desktop, taskbar and Quick Launch panel space as well as providing one-click access to your favorite applications and files!Task Commander installs a tiny icon on your taskbar. As soon as your mouse cursor hovers over it, a menu appears containing most popular and recently used applications that can be launched with just a click. This menu is highly customizable, allowing you to create your own representation of a convenient data access menu. Besides that, the program adds minimize to tray and other neat features to each window on the system. This way, it is easy to minimize, roll-up, roll-down and hide any windows or groups of windows.The application features Alt-Tab task switcher replacement allowing for total control over application management on-the-fly. Built-in process and memory usage monitor displays most resources-hungry apps and helps prevent lock-ups and slowdowns. Tight integration with desktop context menu, taskbar, IE and Windows Explorer makes advanced applications management universally available system-wide!Download FREE trial version today and see the difference!

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